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Welcome to the Valley

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Ceres [ top ]  
Ceres is the best 100% pure fruit juice you can buy - wholesome, earthy and natural, with no added cane sugar, colorants or preservatives - the pure goodness of nature from the valley of Ceres.

Ceres was launched in South Africa in September 1982. It is the flagship brand of the Ceres Fruit Juices Company and commands a premium in the marketplace. Although it was developed predominantly for family consumption, its appeal extends to discerning adults with solid family values.

Flavors [ top ]  

Ceres is available in both 1 litre and 200 ml Tetra Brik aseptic cartons in the following flavors:

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Secrets of the Valley
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Cranberry & Kiwi
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Medley of Fruit
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Passion fruit
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White grape
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The natural goodness of Ceres: [ top ]  
  • Ceres contains no preservatives, artificial color or flavor
  • It's filled with all the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit
  • Ceres fruit is picked and processed at its peak for optimal nutrient content
  • It's cholesterol-free
  • No sugar is added
  • It contains minimum sodium (salt), so it's perfect for people suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol problems
  • While most popular kids' juices and drinks contain harmful additives, Ceres is 100% pure and healthy
  • Research has shown that some nutrients in 100% pure fruit juices like Ceres may help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Rich in Vitamin A, C and Potassium:
    • For healthy skin and mucous membranes
    • Stimulates the growth and repair of body tissues
    • Increases your resistance to infections and colds
  • Vitamin C:
    • For a stronger immune system
    • Decreases the effects of stress
    • Is easily destroyed by nicotine and alcohol and should be consumed daily to prevent deficiency
    • Is best taken in it's natural state from sources like Ceres 100% pure fruit juices
  • Potassium:
    • Regulates the body's water balance
    • Stimulates the normal movements of the intestinal tract
    • Activates the enzymes that produce energy
The role of fruit juice in a healthy diet: [ top ]  
  • Drinking Ceres fruit juice is a healthy way to keep your body's fluid levels optimal - an essential part of your daily diet
  • A delicious glassful counts as a fruit serving and contains one fifth of the recommended daily intake of vital nutrients
Juice for two: [ top ]  
  • During pregnancy, drinking Ceres fruit juice is a healthy and tasty way to get enough fluid and calories for you and your growing baby
  • The Vitamin C content ensures optimal absorption of iron
  • Safe for pregnant mothers because it's natural, packed in sterile conditions and contains no additives that could be harmful to the baby
Kid's stuff: [ top ]  
  • With Ceres 100% pure fruit juice, it's easy to give your growing child a well-balanced diet
  • Your child will love the taste of Ceres, which is as delicious as it is nutritious
  • Just one glassful counts as one of the five daily servings of fruit and vegetables your child needs to keep healthy
  • For kids on the go, drinking Ceres helps replace fluid loss
  • Unlike most popular soft drinks, Ceres contains no caffeine
Juice for vegetarians: [ top ]  
  • A vegetarian diet has many health benefits, but you have to make sure that you get enough iron
  • Enjoy a glass of Ceres with your meal - its vitamin C content helps your body to absorb more iron
Safe for diabetics: [ top ]  
(Diabetics must consult a doctor as fruit does contain natural sugars )
  • Diabetics are constantly reminded to keep their blood sugar levels as even as possible.
  • It's important to consume five fruit and vegetables a day. 125ml of Ceres counts as a serving.
  • While Ceres contains no added sugar, it does contain natural fruit sugar.
  • The Glycaemic index (GI) is a useful tool to improve blood sugar control. It is a numerical measure of the food's immediate effect on blood glucose levels). Ceres Fruit Juice is currently in the process of analyzing our juices for their GI values. The following results are available:
    Low GI (0-55) Intermediate GI (56-70) Hi GI (71+)
      Ceres Mango (60) Ceres Litchi (74)
        Ceres Medley (70)
    • Low: releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream and does not over stimulate the pancreas to produce too much insulin. Ideal for diabetics, hypoglycemic and slimmer.
    • Intermediate: suitable for diabetics, hypoglycemic and slimmer after mild exercise.
    • High: causes sudden, large increase in blood glucose, leading to either hyperglycemia in diabetics or hypoglycemia in hypoglycemic. Can preferably be taken within the immediate 30 - 60 minutes after exercise for the maximum replenishment of muscles.

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