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Ceres Valley

The fruitful valley is our home sweet home. The luscious landscape make the fruit grown here extra juicy and joyful, just as nature intended.

The Core

of Ceres Fruit Juice

Tucked away between sheltered mountains lies the magical Ceres Valley, where streams feed the lush orchards and the deep soil gives life to our succulent fruit. The real Ceres factor – the Valley – is a very special place. Set in the Cape, the conditions here are perfect to produce the tastiest results, with the icy cold winters ensuring the trees sleep heavily and healthily and the hot African summers which wake and activate the sugar, creating sweeter, juicier Ceres fruit. Exotic fruits are sourced from further afield to extend and complement our own delicious harvest. Although Ceres juices travel far, when the cartons are opened, it’s the very same Valley goodness and natural perfection that is delivered to wherever you are.

Ceres, the perfect
place to make Juice


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