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Exquisite Medley Daiquiri – An Exotic Blend of Fruits and Rum

Exquisite Medley Daiquiri - An Exotic Blend of Fruits and Rum

Looking for a refreshing and delicious cocktail to enjoy on a warm day? Look no further than the Medley Daiquiri! This tropical drink is a blend of Ceres Juice’s Medley of Fruits and premium white rum for a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. The Medley of Fruits adds a deliciously tropical flavor profile to the Medley Daiquiri. This cocktail is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or for impressing guests at your next party.

What sets the Medley Daiquiri apart from other cocktails is the use of Ceres Juice’s Medley of Fruits. This 100% Fruit Juice Blend is made from the freshest and highest quality fruits, which are carefully selected and blended to create a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Not only does the juice add a delicious tropical flavor to the cocktail, but it also provides important vitamins and minerals that can benefit your health. This cocktail is a perfect way to indulge in a sweet treat while still staying on track with your health goals.

The Medley Daiquiri is a versatile cocktail that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. It’s perfect for sipping poolside, as a pre-dinner drink, or as a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day. This cocktail is easy to make and can be customized to your liking by adjusting the amount of rum. So why not mix up a batch of Medley Daiquiri for your next gathering and impress your friends and family with this delicious and refreshing drink?

Servings: 1

Medley Daiquiri Ingredients


  1. In a blender with 1 ½ cups of crushed ice, add White Rum, Coconut cream and Ceres Medley of Fruit Juice
  2. Blend at low speed for 5 seconds, then at high until firm
  3. Pour into a martini glass
  4. Insert watermelon triangle and serve

Ingredients for Ceres Medley of Fruits

  • Pear juice (water, pear concentrate),
  • Guava puree,
  • Pineapple juice (water, pineapple concentrate),
  • Papaya puree,
  • Mango puree,
  • Peach puree,
  • Passion fruit juice (water, passionfruit concentrate),
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

More on Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easily digested and used by the body for energy. MCTs are also believed to help improve cognitive function and support heart health. Additionally, coconut cream contains lauric acid, a type of saturated fat that is known to have antimicrobial properties and may help boost the immune system. A perfect addition to you Medley Daiquiri.

Premium White Rum

Premium White Rum is typically made from high-quality sugarcane molasses or fresh sugarcane juice, which is fermented and then distilled multiple times to create a clean and smooth flavor profile. The distillation process is crucial in creating a Premium White Rum, as it helps to remove impurities and unwanted flavors, resulting in a pure and refined spirit. Premium White Rum is typically aged in oak barrels for a short period, giving it a subtle hint of sweetness and a smooth finish.

Ceres 100% Fruit Juice Blend

As people prioritize their health and wellness more and more, our All Natural 100% Fruit Juice Blend has become a go-to option for those looking for a refreshing and nutritious drink. Our juice is a departure from sugary sodas and artificially flavored drinks, as it is made solely from real fruit and free of added sugars, allowing for a pure and natural taste. Our carefully selected blend of exotic fruits infuses every sip with unique flavors and vital nutrients. Our juice not only satisfies your thirst but also nourishes your body. Whether sipped solo or mixed into a smoothie or cocktail, our All Natural 100% Fruit Juice Blend is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a healthy and delicious beverage option.